There’s nothing like water in a big city that can attract people! Even though Dublin might not be the biggest of big cities, it is no exception here. River Liffey runs through the city, and even though there a lot of places here with heavy traffic, it is still a place that is used as a breathing space by many of Dublin’s citizens.

Liffey River Dublin

On a buzzing summer evening

We arrived in Dublin late in the evening, after having spent an adventurous day in the beautiful Northern Ireland. Our energy level wasn’t high, but we had to go out and catch the first glimpse of the city. We ended up taking a stroll along Liffey River, and on such a beautiful summer evening, we weren’t the only ones who had thought of that. There has been put some effort into making the river a nice place to be. Decorative, blooming flowers are set up multiple places, and there is even built a promenade along the river in the center of the city, where you can sit and enjoy the sun. A great place to rest your legs for a bit.

Liffey River Dublin Liffey River Dublin Liffey River Dublin

Splitting Dublin in two

Liffey runs through Dublin, and it actually divides the city in two – and it is not difficult to see that one part of the city might have been a bit more wealthy than the other back in the days. North of the river you can see many old workers’ houses, some in better condition than others. The south looks like it has been inhabited by the more wealthy citizens. One thing I was surprised to see, was the many colors of the houses along the river. I have never thought of Dublin as a colorful place, but I do now!

Liffey River Dublin Liffey River Dublin Liffey River Dublin

The many bridges of Liffey

Since the city is divided in two, there are several places where it is possible to cross the river. There are said to be 16 bridges crossing Liffey in the central Dublin (no, I haven’t counted), and they all have something different to offer. One of the most famous bridges must be Ha’penny Bridge, which is the oldest pedestrian bridge in the city. It has its peculiar name for a reason: back in the days, the price of crossing the bridge was half a penny! Luckily, that is not the case anymore, and you can now cross this lovely (and rather busy) bridge as much as you like.

Liffey River Dublin Liffey River Dublin Liffey River Dublin

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Find your way

You have to really make an effort, if you are to avoid Liffey on a visit to Dublin. On the map below I have pointed out where to find Ha’penny Bridge – which is also difficult to avoid, since it is at a very central location.

Visited in July 2017

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River Liffey Dublin

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