One of the greatest things about spending your holiday on an island, is that great experiences are never far away. We heard that Zakynthos was an island that offered a lot of great views and a beautiful and very green landscape. This we had to investigate further…

Bochali Hill Zakynthos

A tour around Zakynthos

If you would like to go see what the island has to offer on your own, there are lots of places where it is possible to rent a car. We chose the easy way out and joined an organized tour. In Laganas, where we lived, there were tons of tour operators offering this kind of tour – so shop around and find one that suites you. Whether you choose to join a tour or drive yourself, there are many great places to see on the island.

Blue Caves

Already before the first official stop of the day, we were presented with some of the stunning views that Zakynthos has to offer. The mountainous landscape along the coast makes sure that you have a great view over the ocean and to the neighbor island, Kefalonia.

View from Zakynthos to Kefalonia

After a quick stop to snap some photos, we went to the small harbor in Agios Nikolaos. From here boats depart to the so called Blue Caves. The coastline here is very rough with lots of steep cliffs and small caves that are naturally carved into the cliffs.

Agios Nikolaos ZakynthosAgios Nikolaos Zakynthos

The ocean is so blue and clear that its reflection colors the caves with a bight blue. Some places it is more clear than others – but pretty it is!

Blue Caves ZakynthosBlue Caves ZakynthosBlue Caves Zakynthos

The Monastery in Anafonitria

From the ocean to the land. Next stop was the monastery in Anafonitria, where Sankt Dionysios – the protector of the island – lived for a number of years.

Monastery Anafonitria ZakynthosMonastery Anafonitria ZakynthosMonastery Anafonitria Zakynthos

After a few days in a festive holiday city, it was wonderful to come here and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Monastery Anafonitria ZakynthosMonastery Anafonitria Zakynthos

After our visit here it was time for some lunch. As chance would have it, we enjoyed our lunch in the exact same restaurant as we did on our trip to Shipwreck Beach.

Tour of ZakynthosTour of Zakynthos

On our way to the next stop, we passed the oldest olive tree on the Island in Exo Chora. It has been standing here for more than 2000 years. Imagine the stories it could tell…

Oldest olive tree ZakynthosTour of Zakynthos

Peaceful mountain villages

The mountain scenery was a nice contrast to the very touristy holiday resorts. Here we found no inflatable beach toys, but instead green landscapes as far as the eye could see.

Tour of ZakynthosTour of ZakynthosTour of Zakynthos

We made a quick stop in one of these mountain villages. Here you don’t just pass by by coincidence – they don’t even get their mail delivered once a week! But it was a lovely place for a stroll, and there was some beautiful views of the landscape.

Tour of ZakynthosTour of ZakynthosTour of ZakynthosTour of Zakynthos

Bochali Hill

Our tour of Zakynthos was finished off with an ice cream in the main city of the island, that also goes by the name Zakynthos. The many British tourists have given the city the nickname Zante Town – a name that also the locals are beginning to use. In the outskirt of the city is Bochali Hill. And to enjoy the view from here was probably the best possible way to end our tour around Zakynthos.

Bochali Hill ZakynthosBochali Hill ZakynthosBochali Hill Zakynthos

Zakynthos is, without a doubt, a very beautiful and green island, and I will highly recommend for you to go experience it yourself. Whether you like to join an organized tour, or rent a car and experience at your own pace, is totally up to you!

Visited in July 2016

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