Katrine - Destination Daydreaming

Hi! My name is Katrine and I am – as you might have read – kind of a travel-loving planning-freak. But what characterizes one of those?

First of all, I love to travel – and it doesn’t matter whether it is on a city break, a package holiday, getaways to exotic beaches or eventful round trips. To come out and see what the world has to offer means a lot to me. During my 26 years I have visited 25 different countries, and my list of places I would like to go haven’t shortened because of that!

Aside from Travel, I love to plan. And when you combine those two thing you get lots of travel planning – which I might use more time on than you are supposed to. You might even call it a hobby. For many years I have read several travel blogs, and I have always appreciated the inspiration that can be found in other travelers’ experiences. That is also why I decided to start this travel blog. If I share my travel experiences, other people might benefit from them.

On this blog you will read my travel accounts. I will focus on the experiences and activities I have had on the different destinations. Furthermore, I will also write a bit about some of the hotels I can recommend to stay in. To make a long story short, I will share my experiences and travel dreams, and in time you can read more about Budapest, Cyprus, Crete, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica and Vietnam just to mention a few.

So again, welcome! I hope you want to dream away with me. Who knows? You might find some inspiration for your next travel adventure…


Do you have any questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to write. I will be glad to hear from you 🙂