It is no secret that I am a big fan of food – especially of sweet and yummy cakes and desserts. When I looked into which food and restaurants Vienna has to offer, I was plesantly surprised, and we did not even have time to try all the places that sounded amazing. But then I have an excuse to come back another time 😉

Here I have listed 4 of the best, and very different, places to eat that I will recommend for others to try.

Das Loft

We started our first day in Vienna in style – with brunch at Das Loft. Like the name implies, this restaurant is located up high. Pretty high up actually. I read somewhere that the view from here should be amazing, and indeed it was! We could see all over the city, and the floor-to-ceiling-windows made sure that we had the most amazing view wherever we looked.

Das Loft Vienna Das Loft Vienna

With a price of 32 Euro per person, I was a bit afraid that we only paid for the view, and not for a proper breakfast buffet. But. Oh. My. Wow. It was properly the most delicious brunch I have ever had. Included in the price was freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, cocoa, tea, a glass of sparkling wine, and then the rather impressive buffet that offered everything from bread and buns, chia-pudding, salmon, different kinds of sausage and jam, cakes and yogurt with fruit compote. Not to mention the large menu of pancakes, waffles and eggs of all sorts that was included in the price, but freshly made to order just like we wanted it. Yum! Even though this ended up being the most expensive meal of our trip, I would say it was one of the best!

Das Loft ViennaDas Loft Vienna

Das Loft also serves lunch, dinner and drinks – here, a dress code applies. Read more and make a reservation on their website.


You cannot say Vienna without saying wienerschnitzel – and apparently, one of the best places in town for wienerschnitzel-lovers should be Fieglmüller. A place that has had to open several restaurants as a result of extreme popularity. We visited Fieglmüller on Bäckerstrasse, which was where we could get a table. A good tip is to make a reservation far in advance, cause they are very popular restaurants! We had made a reservation for a Wednesday evening at 20.30, and still a line of hopeful people stood outside crossing their fingers for the chance to come in and satisfy their hunger.

Fieglmüller Vienna Fieglmüller Vienna

Make sure that you are hungry if you decide to eat here. The portion sizes are huge! The menu is rather simple with a focus on wienerschnitzels – made out of veal, pig or chicken. It is no secret that I am not a big schnitzel-enthusiast, but it was fun to try. Even the food loving men was beaten by the enormous portions. A piece of advice is to share the side dishes. I doubt it that many people can finish both a schnitzel larger than a plate and a bucket of potatoes on the side…

Read more about Fieglmüller and book a table on their website.

Der Fuchs und die Trauben

After having tried the very hyped Fieglmüller, we also wanted to try something completely different. On instagram I had found the cozy restaurant Der Fuchs und die Trauben (The Fox and the Grapes). This restaurant is not located in the most charming neighborhood, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

Der Fuchs und die Trauben Vienna

The restaurant calls itself a burger-/tapas-/cocktailbar and it seems like this combination is something that the viennese really appreciate. I am glad I had made a reservation – the restaurant was stuffed with people. Everyone talked, laughed, drank wine and beer and had a good time in the old fashioned way: With food on the table and with a drink in their hand. We tasted both the burgers and the tapas. The burgers was okay, and the tapas really good. Go here if you want to dine at a restaurant with a menu only in German, and where people come to have a lovely meal in a wonderful, down-to-earth atmosphere.

Der Fuchs und die Trauben Vienna

Read more about Der Fuchs und die Trauben on their website.

Café Central

Like with all good meals, we finish off with something sweet. Besides the wienerschnitzel, the sachertorte and apfelstrudel are difficult to avoid when in Vienna. And is there a better place to try these specialties than in a wonderfully decorated café that is more than 100 years old?

Café Central Vienna Café Central ViennaCafé Central Vienna

There is no doubt that Café Central is a very beautiful and popular café. We had to stand in line outside for a bit, but we got in rather quickly even though we were 6 people. We took a quick look at the menu (they also serve “real” food here), but we agreed that when visiting a famous café like this, we had to do it properly. So we ended up ordering more pieces of cake than we were people… The sachertorte was kind of dissapointing. Maybe it is just not my cup of tea, I don’t know. What I do know is that all of the other cakes we tried were more than delicious! And when the café is open from early in the morning till late in the evening, you should be able to pop by whenever your urge for cake decides to show up…

Café Central Vienna Café Central Vienna Café Central Vienna

Read more about Café Central on their website.

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Visited in April 2017

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4 places to enjoy a meal in Vienna

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