Boring city in beautiful surroundings:

“With a great night life and entertainment district, but also with the possibility to sit down and enjoy the surroundings in a cozy and quiet restaurant”. That is how the city of Laganas on Zakynthos is described in a lot of brochures. I don’t know if i just didn’t look long enough, but I weren’t able to find that quiet place anywhere. After visiting Ayia Napa in Cyprus last year, I thought I knew what it was like to live in a city with an intense nightlife. I have adjusted my view on this after staying in Laganas for a week.

Laganas Zakynthos

The British paradise

There is no doubt that Zakynthos is an extremely beautiful island! Still, it hasn’t been offered by a lot of Danish travel agencies until recently. Therefore I made the mistake to believe that the island wasn’t flooded with tourists yet. But of course it is impossible for such a beautiful place to go unnoticed. Especially British tourists have a weakness for the island, and they have even given it the nickname Zante, which is even catching on among the Greek.

Laganas ZakynthosLaganas Zakynthos

The city of Laganas is located in the beautiful Laganas Bay, and the visitors here are especially young people. Here are lots of noisy bars, colorful clubs, “authentic” restaurants and boring souvenir shops – and a heck of a lot of people. I know that I visited in the high season, and I know that this is typical for holiday resorts. I think I just expected a city that was a bit more real. You know, with just a couple of normal stores among the tourist traps. When the most exiting store on the main street is McDonalds, you know that the selection isn’t very interesting.

Great beach and wonderful surroundings

Laganas Bay is famous for its wonderful beaches – and I cannot find anything wrong with the beach in Laganas. Well, there is a lot (!) of beach chairs and umbrellas that are rented out the most of the day. But the beach itself was nice and clean, the water was crystal clear and the view of Turtle Island and the mountains was very beautiful. The beach was also extremely kid friendly, as you had to go a loooong way out before the water got deep. I just don’t think that the city itself was very kid friendly.

Laganas ZakynthosLaganas ZakynthosLaganas Zakynthos

Before noon (or before the ones with a serious hangover started their day), the beach was a nice and quiet place with a great atmosphere. People went for a run, they walked their dogs and some just took a stroll to listen to the waves crashing slowly. In the evening we enjoyed a lovely view of the sky and the sea, and watched all the people walking along the beach in search of the next party.

Laganas ZakynthosLaganas ZakynthosLaganas Zakynthos

We had a great holiday with beautiful experiences at the gorgeous island, but Laganas is not a city that I would chose to live in again. I would consider staying in another city in Laganas Bay, cause the surroundings and the beach was perfect.

Laganas ZakynthosLaganas Zakynthos

If you do not mind living in a place where the biggest selling point is the vibrant nightlife, and where you will find lots of parties and loud music almost 24 hours a day, then go for it! The surroundings are stunning, but the city – not so much…

Visited in July 2016

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Holiday on Zakynthos Laganas

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