Would you like to learn more about how we booked our trip to Dublin, where we stayed, how to get around in Dublin and where I found inspiration? Then read along!

Why Dublin?

After having spent a weekend last year in the charming Edinburgh, we once again looked west to find this year’s extended weekend trip. We ended up choosing the capital of Ireland as our destination. First of all because none of us had ever been to Ireland before, but also because we had heard so much about the great vibe that is found in the city. And Dublin didn’t disappoint!

Weekend in DublinWeekend in Dublin

We also chose to add a mini road trip of Northern Ireland to our program. And that is a thing I can highly recommend, if you would like to combine your city getaway with amazing experiences in the beautiful Irish nature.

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Well, back to Dublin. After having decided that this was the city for the summer weekend getaway, we immediately started to search for and book our trip.

How we booked our trip to Dublin

We decided to book our trip to Dublin ourselves. It is not difficult to find flight tickets to Dublin from most of the larger cities in Europe, including from Copenhagen, as many different airlines operate on this route. We did not book well in advance, but we managed to find tickets at a reasonable price and booked those. Then I started to look for a place to live that could house all 5 of us…

Where we stayed in Dublin

We ended up choosing a large apartment at Staycity Aparthotel at Saint Augustine Street. Here we had a kitchen, two bathrooms and three bedrooms, which was all good. It just wasn’t a place with a warm and cozy atmosphere at all. It was extremely impersonal with not much effort put into decoration of the place, the colors were all brown, and all doors closed automatically, so it was impossible to talk while you were in different rooms.

Staycity Aparthotel Dublin Staycity Aparthotel Dublin Staycity Aparthotel Dublin

The location of the apartment was great though, and it was nice to have a large living room where we could hang out and spend some time together in the evening. After having rented the most incredible apartment in Edinburgh last year, this was kind of a disappointment though. All in all I would describe it as a place to rent because of the location, if you would like to have the opportunity to cook your own meals, and if you would like to rent a place that makes it possible for a larger number of people to spend the evenings together.

To get around in Dublin

Dublin is a smaller and quite manageable city. If you, like us, only have a couple of days in the city, and would like to spend those in the city center, then you can easily walk around. We only used our legs as a means of transport, and even though we could feel it in our feet at the end of the day, we were ready to walk around the city again the next day. By using your own two feet, you will also walk through a lot of charming streets, that you might not have seen otherwise.

Weekend in Dublin

From Dublin city center to the airport

The airport is located approximately 10 kilometers from the city center, so an easy solution is to take an airport bus between the airport and Dublin. We used Airlink Express since they had a stop very close to our apartment, and they departed regularly. You can read more about prices, routes etc. on their website.

What to do in Dublin?

Dublin is a vibrant city with lots of things to do. After some incredible experiences in the nature of Northern Ireland, the city vibe in Dublin was a change of scene – but Dublin is in general a very lovely city! Some of my favorite things we did was to visit Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo and Trinity College Library. But also just strolling around the city and enjoy both the famous landmarks and the small streets was a great experience!

Weekend in Dublin Weekend in Dublin

Where I found inspiration for our trip to Dublin

When it comes to finding inspiration for my next travel, I can spend hour after hour researching! Pinterest has become one of my very good friends – it is an excellent tool to save and share ideas with others who have the same interests as yourself. You can always have a look at my Ireland and Northern Ireland-board on Pinterest, but I will also mention a couple of the websites I found to be very inspiring during my research on what Dublin have to offer:

A suggestion to how to spend 3 days in Dublin, by Emily from Everyday Accounts

Lots of great suggestions to what to see and do on a weekend in Dublin, by Tara from “Where is Tara?”

6 great reasons to go to Dublin, by Karen from Rejseblokken (in Danish)

I can highly recommend a visit to Dublin. It is a lovely city offering lots of different things to do – here you will find something for any taste and budget.

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Visited in July 2017

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