Even on a grey day in Vienna, the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace and the impressive garden is well worth a visit. Here you will find tons of things to see if you are interested in history, but it is also the place to go if you just enjoy a nice view and wonderful, green surroundings.

Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Schönbrunn Castle Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace – a historical and imperial castle

Like many other places in Vienna, there is lots to do for anyone interested in history. Back in the 16th century, the Austrian Emperor, Maximilian II, bought this huge piece of land with the purpose of hunting. It should take a little longer for Schönbrunn Palace itself to look like we know it today. The building of it started in the early 17th century, but was interrupted several time because of war.

Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Schönbrunn Castle Vienna

In 1739 Empress Maria Theresia was given the castle as a gift from her father, and the rooms you can see in the palace today is decorated as she did it back in her time. Since the end of the 18th century, the park has been open to the public, and many people have been taken advantage of the offer to enjoy this area for free for hundreds of years.

Our visit to Schönbrunn

If you have the time and the interest, it is possible to get inside the palace to see different exhibitions – for a fee of course. 40 of the 1000 rooms in the castle are open to visitors, and here you can see how the imperial family lived and decorated the place. It should be quite impressive, but we chose to take a walk in the also quite impressive park instead, and to visit Schönbrunn Zoo, which was founded back in 1755.

Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Schönbrunn Castle Vienna

The park is huge, so there is plenty of things to do and plenty of paths to get lost on. The area is very green and tidy, and the spring flowers were beginning to bloom during our visit. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be when everything is in full bloom.

Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Schönbrunn Castle Vienna

Back in the 18th century it wasn’t enough to have a huge palace, a zoo and a huge park. Nope, to impress, you also had to have fountains, an artificial ruin and of course the majestic building, Gloriette. It was impressive then, and it still is today. We paid a small fee to get to the top of the Gloriette, and here we found the most wonderful view of the city. It is not weird that people have been falling in love with this place for centuries…

Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Schönbrunn Castle Vienna

Easter market at Schönbrunn Palace

Since we visited Vienna during Easter time, we were lucky to experience some of the Easter markets that are taking place this time of year. One of the big markets are happening right in front of Schönbrunn Palace, so this we of course had to take a closer look at! If you have ever been to a Christmas market in Germany or Austria, it was very similar to that – just don’t expect to find Glühwein at this time of year 😉 . However, you will find some of the most beautiful Easter decorations. Hand painted eggs in all sizes, delicious chocolate and all other sorts of knick-knacks with an Easter theme. You can visit these markets for free, but I cannot guarantee you that you won’t find anything you would like to bring back home…

Easter market Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Easter market Schönbrunn Castle Vienna Easter market Schönbrunn Castle Vienna

You can see more about the upcoming markets and events at Schönbrunn on their webpage.

Find your way

Schönbrunn is located a little outside the city center, and it is not a place most people go to by foot. However, it is really easy to get out here with U-bahn, as there is a station right outside the entrance. There is no excuse not to drop by and enjoy at least half a day in these wonderful surroundings.

Visited in April 2017

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Schönbrunn Palace Vienna


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