Hiking Samaria Gorge

5 tips for your hike in Samaria Gorge

It is no secret that the highlight of my visit to Crete was the amazing hike through the Samaria Gorge. It is no secret either that I am not a very experienced hiker, and that I learned something from this trip. That is why I would like to share 5 tips with those of you, who do […] Read more…

Samaria-kløften Kreta

Hiking the Samaria Gorge on Crete

As we planned our holiday on Crete, I had my fingers crossed for good weather. Not just because it would be nice to have a couple of hours of sunshine on the beach, but also because I had a dream about hiking the 16 kilometer beautiful Samaria Gorge. The weather on Crete in October can […] Read more…

Arthur's Seat i Edinburgh

Arthur’s Seat – Mountain Climbing in the City

On top of Edinburgh… Okay, admitted – mountain climbing might be an exaggeration, since Arthur’s Seat only rises 250 meter up from the ground. But with a sometimes burning feeling in my thighs and a pulse on the other side of 100, the hike up Arthur’s Seat felt somehow like mounting climbing. Furthermore, “hill climbing” […] Read more…

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